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Innovation often gets short-changed in turbulent times. Traditional, left-brain-dominant business leaders typically can't tell the difference between good and bad innovations. Nor do they appreciate the skills needed to build and sustain a culture of creativity and constant reinvention. So they concentrate on cutting costs over R&D.

We work with clients to combine creative strategy and analytic approaches to transform innovation people, products, processes and technology across the full customer experience.

Application Management

We help clients with strategy, organization, sourcing, metrics, performance management, and lean processes.


Enterprise Architecture

We work with clients to develop IT architecture that improves their business performance, in terms of revenue, time-to-market, and flexibility, and also reduces IT spend.


Technology Infrastructure at Scale

We assist leading institutions in optimizing their application hosting, network, and end-user environments to operate at scale.


IT Strategy & Organization

We help clients develop IT strategies that are tightly aligned to business goals and corporate priorities, and to design organization and governance approaches to deliver the highest value.


Lean IT

IT is the next frontier for the application of Lean in business. This powerful methodology has significant impact without being capital intensive.



We have unparalleled experience in advising organizations on how, where, and with whom to partner for a wide range of global outsourcing and offshoring opportunities.


Tech-Enabled Marketing & Sales

We help clients design, select or build, and implement marketing and sales IT systems to capture the maximum business value in the shortest timeframe. We use technology to manage customer lifecycles, track sales and channel performance, and improve marketing return on investment. 


Tech-Enabled Operations

We help clients achieve dramatic improvements in productivity and efficiency by using IT to transform operations from the back office to the front line.


Value Assurance

We help clients deliver critical IT projects on time and within budget. Our proven methodology also ensures that organizations capture the maximum business benefits and value.

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